New 08/30/2017 Demo Build Available!

Hey folks! We've had a lot of people asking for the latest build of the game, so here it is! 

Sorry about the lack of progress on the project over the summer, after the semester ended the bulk of our team disbanded due to graduating college, moving across the country, full-time jobs, internships, falling in love, playing too many video games, forgetting to check email, lazy beach days, and possibly much more! But here is the latest playable build, it's a little rough around the edges, but we'll polish some of those kinks out in the next few weeks <3

//Current Build Notes

  • Added expanded conversation text!
  • Added credits!
  • If load times are really really long or if the game crashes, try relaunching with lower graphics settings.
  • Missing loading symbol between scenes, please be patient if you find that the load times are taking a long time <3
  • Warning, the aspect ratio is not locked which means you should please play in fullscreen or don't resize the window if you do play in windowed mode. UI can easily get messed up without the correct aspect ratio.

//Next Build Notes

  • Mac build!!!
  • Update credits <3
  • Art quality optimization.
  • Adding loading symbol.
  • Aspect ratio locked.

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Aug 30, 2017

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